Low Dose Naltrexone for Cancer

How to Take LDN

Classically, LDN is taken at a dose of 3 to 4.5 mg each night between 9 pm and 1 am. This seems to be widely variable within a range. According to Dr. Behari, therapeutic dose is 1.75 mg to 4.5 mg per night. Since Cancer is such an aggressive disease, it is recommended that a cancer patient make a concerted effort to reach the optimum dose as quickly as possible.

If you were not able to get a prescription for LDN from your doctor, you can still buy the 50mg tablets on the internet. If you are not a resident of Mexico, you can purchase them from Shop4LDN.com for instance, with no prescription.

How to Make Your Own LDN

Once you have your 50 mg tablets, you can easily make Low Dose Naltrexone with these instructions:

Buy a big syringe (60 ml?) and a smaller syringe (3 or 6 ml) at Tractor Supply or PetSmart or from any veterinarian. You can also get measuring devices at pharmacies or drug stores often for free from the pharmacist.

Mix one 50 mg pill with 50 ml of distilled water. That is what the big syringe is for.

A baby food jar is about the right size. It is good for at least 30 days at room temperature, or 90 days in the refrigerator. We keep the pills in the fridge. I have not seen evidence that it is necessary, but they are easy to find there.

Each night, you take a dose from the small syringe. The first month you take 1.5 ml (1.5 mg). The second month, you take 3 ml each night. With cancer, many patients go straight to the 3 mg dose. Remember that it is safe and doable at 50-100 mg per day, so 3 to 4.5 is not usually a big deal. If you have a problem that involves spasms, you will want to start low and go slowly.

Never take more than 4.5 ml, and for cancer 3 ml is usually the best dose. It boosts and realigns the immune system, so is good for everybody, even those without a specific disease.

There will be sediment at the bottom. This is just binder from the pill. It will not hurt, or you can draw the dregs up in a syringe and dispose of them if you prefer.

It is very bitter, so can be mixed with a night time drink or taken straight, followed by a drink. It can be on an empty stomach or with food. No problem. It is easier than some people think.

How to Get Better Sleep

Melatonin is made naturally in our bodies for nighttime to combat the seratonin that is our hormone for daytime. It is over the counter, and typically comes in 3 mg capsules. Start with one capsule and add one capsule per night until you wake up groggy the next morning and then back off. It also comes in 10 mg capsules, but do not take more than 20 mg per night.